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These photos found in the series below illustrate stories found in Dreams from the Monster Factory, which is a call to action and highlights the coming together of all those harmed by violence: victim, offender and our community.

  • RSVP & Manalive Group
    The San Francisco Sheriff’s department RSVP program, under the leadership of Sheriff Michael Hennessey, incorporates victim impact, offender accountability. Men in manalive groups learning about their destruction cycle. These groups help participants explore the roots of their violence as well as gain the tools necessary to stop it. See photos from one of our session.
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  • Jean O’Hara - Survivor Story

    Jean O'Hara is speaking to the men in the RSVP weekly Survivor Impact class. Ms. O'Hara is showing the men pictures of her daughter and grandson who were murdered. The Survivor Impact class is designed to foster an environment of empathy whereby the violent men participants begin to understand the grave consequences that their violence have on victims and a call to action for the men to change their attitudes, beliefs and behavior that fuel their violence.
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  • Strike Out Violence Day

    An annual event that brings together the San Francisco Giants, (a major league baseball team), law enforcement, and the Family Violence Prevention Fund dedicated to bring together public awareness and resources to stop violence in our homes and in our community.
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  • Ruth Morgan Poster Series
    A series of artwork created by the Executive Director of Community Works West and partner in RSVP, who has been using art as a tool for social change since the 1970's.
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  • Uncommon Grounds Performance
    Photos from the theater production of Uncommon Grounds where former offenders and survivors developed a powerful production to raise awareness of violence and concrete solutions to stopping it.
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