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These photos are from the RSVP in jail program also known as Offender Restoration Program. Each year we require approximately 300 men to participate in an intensive in-jail curriculum where men develop an understanding of the consequence of violence for victims and change the men's beliefs about the male role behavior that causes violence. Prisoners participate up to 12 hours a day, five days a week in violence prevention groups, relapse prevention, education, victim empathy and restoration.

Jean O'Hara, who's daughter and grandson were
murdered, is seen here presenting in RSVP's weekly
survivor impact class.

An RSVP participant acknowledging Ms. O'Hara's grief and anguish over the murder of her loved ones during survivor impact class.

Men in manalive groups learning about their destruction cycle.
These groups help participants explore the roots of their violence as well as tools necessary to stop it.